A lot has changed over the last 3 years.

If your business hasn't, it's time to fix that.

Every business benefits from stacking revenue.

Discover where your business can use a boost.

The Local Business Scorecard

Below are common components that deliver results.

We know because we show businesses how to add ... or uplevel ... these.

For each item ...
Score 1 point if your business has the item.

Score 5 additional points if the item is working for you to build relationships and revenue.

Has Qualified Leads and Sales

More high quality leads.

More sales conversions.
More improved price points.

More repeat sales.
More clients who make you the talk of the town (in all the right ways).

Which is your next right move ... and the one after that?

Leveraged Email for Revenue

After someone signs up to an email list, many local businesses freeze. They don't know what to do or what to say.

Yet emails done right can help a business boost sales.

Time for your business to get emails read and responded to like they were money-makers? Because they are.

Ignited A.I. Content Creation

You need more than a pretty (business) face.

Customers want content - social media, blogs, website, fliers - that invites them in, answers questions, sells what you have to offer and makes them feel at home.

Does your content do that?

Rebuilt A Website So It Can Stack Connection and Cash

Old-style websites look like a billboard.

But one that doesn't attract clients or make cash flow.

Get a website that acts as a revenue stack - something that brings clients in, gives them a journey they want to go on and results in more revenue.

Because local business owners don't have time for a website that stands around looking nice but doesn't do its job, true?

Added A Newsletter Revenue Driver

Stop sending out newsletters that too few open.

Discover a different way ... a way that makes your dream customers eager to open and consume what you send them.

Because every newsletter is an opportunity to connect and grow your business.

But only if it's leveraged strategically. Know what I mean?

Launched Campaigns That Raise Revenue

Too many business owners either dribble out new offers and releases or blast them out.

Neither are as effective as they could be. And sometimes they plain don't work.

That's because to get the full benefit of the level of traction a business is capable of getting, it takes carefully constructed and seeded launch campaigns.

Unlocked A Google And Apple Presence

If you're not leveraging your presence on Google and Apple, prospects will struggle to find your business.

Stop playing hide-n-seek with your business. Because that's leaving money on the streets.

Ready to take search and find up a notch?

Expanded Its Social Media

Social media isn't just about putting up placards.

It's about attracting and engaging with an audience at the nexus of their needs, wants and desires and your ability to offer the perfect solution.

Are you consistently providing posts that lead somewhere without taking up all your team's time to do so?

Uses SEO Like A Pro

A picture says a thousands words, but Search Engine Optimization says all the right ones.

That is ... if you want to rank.

While typical SEO can take 18+ months to show results, it's worth it. (We cut down on that time.)

This is for those who know ranking is nothing to sneeze at ... like you, right?

Increased Reputation & Reviews

Too many local businesses wait for a review.

Or fail to respond appropriately when one is posted.

Have a process and system to take your reviews seriously.

And then turn them into a great form of free marketing. Ready?

Ignited Content Marketing

Newsletters, blog posts, mailers ... oh my!

You know it's not just what you say. (Yes, that matters).

But it's also about how you promote what you say so people see it.

Get seen by dream clients and raving fans in a way that leads to sales. Yes?!?

Lifted Recognition & Branding

Branding can help your business become unforgettable to the people you want as customers.

It can distinguish you from others and get you experienced in a way that acts like a magnet for dream clients.

So don't stop at having a logo.

Because there's so much more.

Positioned For Raving Fan Engagement

Many businesses compete on price.

But that positions them in a way that virtually guarantees your business will feel like a slog-fest rather than a success-fest.

Create a presence that commands attention and speaks to who you are and what you're about.

Won't that make your clients AND your bank account happy?

Leveraged Events, Gatherings and Networking

Not all business is conducted in a business.

Knowing what to do and what to pass on can make or break outreach, networking and customer relationships.

We've got strategies, support and software to help you meet more people with less headache.

'Cuz we're all about community. You?

Improved Onboarding and Community Building

These aren't just about that old shaking-hands kind of networking.

It includes creating a space of your own.

Too many businesses see that as a technicality ... or an afterthought.

Get an onboarding system and a community building process that builds your customer base without adding team or time guts. Nice ... isn't it?


There are 15 different components provided above ... with a total potential score between 0 and 90.

What score did you get so far?


  • Add 10 points if you have repeat customers.

  • Add 10 points if you have customers who consistently have done business with you each year for the last 3 years.

  • Add 20 points if you can take off whenever you want without a drop in your revenue.


Tally up all of your numbers.

Your grand total is _______.

What does your score mean?

Businesses committed to success commit to upleveling.

They know that delays cost time, money and opportunity.

Commit to uplevel your business.

Get a solution that works for how your business works.

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